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APUSH- Block Day, 5/7/14 & 5/8/14 May 7, 2014

Posted by Mr. Klopfenstein in advanced placement, APUSH, Class Activities, history, United States history.
  • Presidential debates began!
    • Hr. 4 winners- Adams, Wilson, Eisenhower, Jackson, Monroe, Bush, Reagan, Jefferson, Polk.
    • Hr. 4 round 2 matchups: Lincoln v. Adams, Wilson v. Eisenhower, Truman v. Jackson, Monroe v. TR, Washington v. Bush, Reagan v. Jefferson, Kennedy v. Polk, FDR v. Obama/John Q Adams winner.
    • Hr. 5 winners- Lincoln, Reagan, Madison, Kennedy, FDR, Wilson, Eisenhower.  TR and Cleveland will finish the first round on Monday.
    • Hr. 5 round 2 match-ups: Lincoln v. Reagan, Madison v. Kennedy, FDR v. Wilson, Eisenhower v. TR/Cleveland winner.
    • Hr. 7 winners- Grant, Truman, Reagan, TR, FDR, Kennedy.
    • Hr. 7 round 2 matchups- Lincoln v. Grant, TR v. Truman, FDR v. Kennedy, Reagan v. Washington/Buchanan winner.



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