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HWW- 11/19/13 November 19, 2013

Posted by Mr. Klopfenstein in Class Activities, history, world history.
  • Bring Textbooks– you will be collecting info today!
  • Take out your Do Now sheets and answer the question: “Did Louis XIV strengthen or weaken the French monarchy? Explain using specific examples.” (3 minutes)
  • Pick up the 30 Years’ War reading. Read and prepare to participate in brief lecture. (15 minutes)
  • Turn to the “Russia under Peter the Great” page in your packet. Using information from your book on pp. 175-177 and Peter the Great reading give specific examples for each of the 3 sections of the organizer. (15 minutes) Discuss.
  • Turn to the “What was England like. . .” page in the packet. Using information from the book, pages 180-183, give at least one example in each column for all 6 monarchs. (20 minutes)
  • For homework, complete the “Central European Monarchs Clash” page in the packet. Have this done by block.
  • Test Friday!



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