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HWW- 4/23/13 April 23, 2013

Posted by Mr. Klopfenstein in Class Activities, history, world history.
  • Do Now- How confident did you feel taking the test Monday?  Did writing the stories in your packet help you to remember the stories for the test?  What things did you think you knew really well?  What things would you have liked to have known better? (5 minutes)
  • Pick up the WWII Research sheet from the table by the door.
  • You will choose 3 of the listed topics to research in class today. (45 minutes)
  • Please be sure to choose reputable websites
    • .edu domain is the most reliable
    • Look for sites that list academic authors and dates of revisions
    • Information should be consistent with other reputable sites.
  • I will ask you to share what you have learned as we cover these topics in class.


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