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HWW- 11/22/11 November 22, 2011

Posted by Mr. Klopfenstein in Class Activities, history, world history.
  • Do Now question- “Do individuals and society constantly improve? In what ways?” Turn in your Do Now sheet when finished.  Be sure your name and the dates are on both sides. (3 minutes)
  • Complete the “Enlightenment Beliefs/ Legacies page in the packet using pages 196, 199-200 in your text. Be prepared to discuss.(10 minutes)
  • Complete the “Spread of Enlightenment Ideas” page in the packet. Be prepared to discuss. (10 minutes)
  • Pick up take home test and answer sheet for the Scientific Revolution/ Enlightenment test.  Complete before coming to class Monday.  You will also turn in your Enlightenment packet at that time.


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