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WWH- 2/22/11 February 22, 2011

Posted by Mr. Klopfenstein in Class Activities, history, world history.
  • Do Now question- “How did the Opium War affect the balance of trade between Britain and China?.” (3 minutes)
  • Using the notes you just took and the information from your textbook pages 371-375, write a story for “China Resists Outside Influence” including the character and plot questions provided in the packet.
  • Continue working with your  partner to create a cartoon expressing the key ideas of either the Opium Wars or the Taiping Rebellion.
  • By the end of the period, you should be able to answer the Asia learning target questions 1-5.
  • Nationalist Revolutions test on Thursday.  Packets and “Egalite for All” study guides due at that time.  Review by making sure that you can answer all the learning target questions.

Be sure to check your district email for information about Thursday’s Nationalist Revolutions assessment!

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