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APUSH- 1/23/08 January 23, 2008

Posted by Mr. Klopfenstein in advanced placement, APUSH, Class Activities, history, United States history.

Sorry kids!  I’m going to be out for at least the next couple of days with the flu.  Continue to turn in assignments a day behind the original schedule (due to the snow day) for now.  That means Labor Unions will be due today, “Mirror with a Memory” on Friday, and Farmer’s Dilemma on Friday.

Today, you will work to complete your wiki pages.  When you have finished, you will have time to work in Discourse chapters 26-28.

Have fun, and I hope to see you on Friday.


1. Danny Wood - January 24, 2008

Will the vocab quiz still be on Friday, or will that be pushed back to Monday due to the snow day as well as the assignments?

2. Mr. Klopfenstein - January 24, 2008

Plan on having it Friday.

3. Taylor Nichols - January 24, 2008

Where can I find the Slavery Clause from the original Declaration of Independence. I need it for a speech. Thanks.

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