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APUSH- 10/31/07 October 31, 2007

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Students worked on the DBQ activity for unit 2. The take-home part requires students to answer the document questions, then organize evidence from the documents and outside the documents into a network tree like the sample we did in class. This will be due on Friday.

Bring a #2 pencil and eraser to class Friday for test corrections, unless of course you got 100% 🙂

Handouts for unit 3 will be distributed, and due dates announced.

The Unit 3 test bank is now available online.


1. Robert Kelly - November 1, 2007

I think, and this is me personally, that the answers to the questions online should not be given. I’m not saying its not effective, but I think it’s equal to cheating basically. I’m not saying this because I didn’t use it and that I’m mad that I did worse than people that utilized the questions, I’m saying this because it just opens up to people not actually doing the questions and studying the answers given, instead of studying the actual text. This practice does not actually teach the student anything, it does not benefit them in the long run, and will actually hurt them when the AP test comes along if they don’t even know what happens in each Unit.
This is just my opinion…

2. Sarah Miller - November 2, 2007

Regarding Robert’s comment above, I disagree and think that the quiz bank questions are helpful. If the student wants to put in hours of answering 344 and then reviewing his/her mistakes, then he or she should benefit from studying. Just because they answered all 344 questions, doesn’t mean they know which questions Mr. Klopfenstein will choose for the test. Quiz bank makes you aware of what is going to be asked on the test and what chapters you should study more. I don’t understand how quiz bank is equal to cheating. Those who put in time and effort to study were rewarded. I understand that some people do not actually take the practice test and just memorize the answers, but some, including myself, benefit from quiz bank (even if it didn’t show the answers once you submitted the test, like unit 1). Not all of the questions on the quiz bank practice test were identical to the unit 2 test. Memorizing answers isn’t the key to doing well on the unit test. Even though some of the answers were similar, not all of the questions were identical to quiz bank. Lastly, the AP test will be challenging, and we won’t know what the questions are. But quiz bank at least makes one aware of what he or she doesn’t know. Also, some don’t just memorize from quiz bank, they actually read all 6 chapters and study. Therefore, I feel that the quiz bank is an effective way to study what we aren’t able to review in class.

3. Mr. Klopfenstein - November 2, 2007

Looks like some lines have been drawn. What do the rest of you think?

4. Lauren Fogle - November 4, 2007

By studying such a large bank of questions, students are exponentially increasing their chances of performing well on the multiple choice section of the AP test in May. The tests we take in class can’t cover everything that we’ll see on the AP test, but if you think about all of the extra information in the test bank, you’ll realize you’ve got a foot up on all that information when you really need it. How on earth, after studying 4 or 5 times the amount of material for each unit test, would students not know what information to expect on the AP test? There is honestly no logical reason I can see why the answers should be taken off the test bank. That would only give us a disadvantage by narrowing the amount of information we have access to. I think Sarah was absolutely right when she said “the quiz bank is an effective way to study what we aren’t able to review in class” because we have such a limited time to discuss this information, we need a resource to supplement and enhance what we do get to cover. I really can’t see how more information could ever be a negative thing. I don’t think it’s possible for a student to memorize 344 questions and answers in the hour before the test, this is a serious time commitment and if you do study enough to remember the majority of the questions, it’s not likely that you’ll forget them soon.

5. Brett Newell - November 5, 2007

OK heres the truth. Robert quiz bank is obviously not cheating. Cheating is defined as to decieve by trickery or to act dishonestly. If the website is allowed by Mr. Klopfenstein it is ob viously not trickery or anything of the sort. Sarah you are also wrong in one of your assumptions. While i think the use of quiz bank is awesome if you are interested in getting a good grade on the test, in the long run you are truly hurting yourself if this is your only studying technique. there is no quiz bank on the ap test and you need to learn how to study from other areas if you arent already which knowing you im sure you are. But for everyone else out there learning to study through the text book has got to be one of the most important things to the ap test and that of course is the overall goal for the class not getting good grades on class tests.

6. Robert Kelly - November 5, 2007

Well, strong arguements towards my own are somewhat true. I believe that, yes, the students that actually take the time to actually do the test first, and then see what they did wrong are fine. It’s the people, which there was surprisingly a lot, that didn’t even fill out the questions, and just printed out the answers, that really anger me. Even though there might be a number of questions from Test Bank that weren’t on the actual test, the student could easily do most questions without even a pause to look at the choices. My point is that the questions should, yes, give information of what the student should know, but it takes the effort out of actually figuring out why one is wrong by just giving the right answer.

7. Josh Cox - November 6, 2007

It does seem like a bad idea to actually give the answers to people who simply look at the test bank. Lots of the people didn’t actually do anything in test bank, they simply printed out the correct answers. By doing this it is likely that they dont actually learn anything except what is on the test. It is more important to learn the actual chapter and the material in the chapter rather than just what is on the test!

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