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APUSH- 10/24/07 October 24, 2007

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We discussed Shays’s Rebellion. I then lectured over events leading to the War of 1812, including:

  • Washington’s Neutrality Proclamation
  • Washington’s Farewell Address
  • Impressment
  • Quasi-war with France
  • Alien, Sedition, Naturalization Acts
  • Virginia and Kentucky Resolves
  • compact theory
  • Citizen Genet
  • XYZ Affair
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • Embargo Act
  • Nonintercourse Act
  • Macon’s Bill no. 2


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1. Sarah Miller - October 24, 2007

Are there any quiz bank questions for unit 2?

2. Mr. Klopfenstein - October 24, 2007

They are posted at the Testing Center. Check with me if you need your password.

3. Sarah Miller - October 25, 2007


4. Josh Dean - October 29, 2007

I’m 99% sure that discourse has the answer wrong on Frame 17 of chapter 9 it says the articles of confederation was a strong centrilized government with power only in the national government….

5. Mr. Klopfenstein - October 30, 2007

You are correct, sir! My only question is why were you not 100% sure?

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