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APUSH- 9/26/07 September 26, 2007

Posted by Mr. Klopfenstein in advanced placement, APUSH, Class Activities, history, United States history.
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Students worked through the essay writing activities on identifying critical words and evaluating what the question is asking. The third part of the activity dealing with evaluating documents will be homework. Bring Part A of the handout completed to class Friday. Friday we will also do test corrections, and students will receive assignments and due dates for Unit 2.

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1. Robert Kelly - September 26, 2007

OOOOH BOY, test corrections, I used to love doing those…

Key word “used

2. Josh Cox - September 26, 2007

How much are test corrections worth?

PS.. instant comment!

3. Mr. Klopfenstein - September 26, 2007


4. Michael Luchen - September 26, 2007

A little help for the acronym-challenged:


5. Josh Cox - September 26, 2007

In that case… im not going to get much out 😦

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